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Tandem Jump

The Experience of a lifetime

Doing a tandem jump is the easiest way to feel the thrill of skydiving. After a thorough ground preparation you will be ready to…take off! With our expert instructors, you will jump out of a plane from 14.000 ft. Come enjoy an incredible freefall over the beautiful Mountains and Seas of Greece. Compared to other beginner courses, you have the key advantage of discovering the experience in less time because you have a qualified instructor harnessed to you during the jump. The instructor himself has more than thousands of jumps and will guide you through this skydive. In addition, you have the chance to explore the freedom of free fall without any experience needed. It is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. You definitely want to have your skydive filmed, so make sure you ask for video and photos when you book your tandem. After your jump, you will be able to share your experience with friends and family back home! If you are looking for the ultimate heart-pounding thrill ride, you need to book this amazing Skydive Athens experience!

Video and photo services

Handy camera

Your skydive jump captured by a camera on your instructors wrist.

Outside camera flyer

Your skydive jump captured by an outside cameraman

Save your one in a lifetime experience with our high quality video and photos options!

If you want to re-live your experience in the years to come or to show your amazing jump to friends and family, we offer 2 different options for you. We have an unbeatable selection of camera options to choose from. Whether you prefer the unique style of our Handy camera or the variety of angles you’ll get with our Freefall Outside Camera Flyer! We have something for everyone!

You will get 2 videos from us and around 50-100 photos all HD quality of course. The fist video consists of a minute video of your highlights of your tandem experience. The second video consists of a 5-6 minute video of your whole tandem experience professionally edited with music by us. This video will be like a short movie and it will include the preparation with your instructor, the walk to the plane, the plane ride to altitude, the exit from the airplane, the free fall, the opening of the parachute, the parachute ride and of course the landing!

Remember to smile as our Professional camera staff will capture all of your emotions!

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