Tandem SkydivePrice
Tandem Light from 8000 feet180€
First Class Tandem Jump from 14.000 feet210€
College Students or Military ID Tandem jump from 14.000 feet199€
Video/Photos packagesPrice
Handycam full package (video+photos) from Tandem Master60€
Outside full package (video+photos) from our skydiving professional outside camera flyer100€
Learn to Skydive (AFF course)Price
7 Jumps from 14.000 feet, Ground School, third party liability insurance, gear rentals, video, packing, instructors, logbook1.575€
AFF First Jump Course including ground school and insurance435€
AFF 2-3 jumps with two instructors225€ / jump
AFF 4-7 jumps with one instructor165€ / jump
Sport Skydiving (For Experienced)Price
1 Jump Ticket from 14.000 feet35€ / ticket
10 Jump Ticket package from 14.000 feet
333€ (33€ / ticket)
50 Jump Ticket package from 14.000 feet1.500€ (30€ / ticket)
Hop and Pop from 5.000 feet
Rental of Equipment (includes rig, suit, goggles, helmet, altimeter and packing)